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That's where the network time protocol (NTP) comes in.

NTP lets you automatically sync your system time with a remote server.

If you are running a kernel from our repository that is older than you shouldn't need to do anything to keep your server at an accurate time.

The VPS will sync with the hardware clock, which is syncing from an NTP server itself.

Most people just want to get NTP running and don't need to sync their clock to pinpoint, millisecond-level accuracy. From now on NTP will sync your clock automatically. If you want to use NTP to sync several of your own machines with each other, or want to choose NTP servers other than the defaults, read on.

The NTP configuration file can be found at: # Use public servers from the org project. server 0.server 1.server 2.With more than one "server" entry your NTP server will query all servers and only select a time that a majority of the polled servers will agree on.

Having an accurate clock on your VPS is usually a good thing.

It ensures the time stamps in emails sent from the machine are correct, and it's especially helpful when you need to look at the logs from a particular time of day.

A primary server is one that gets its time directly from an atomic clock (or from GPS satellites, which use atomic clocks).You can open port 123 for UDP traffic with the following arguments for iptables: When syncing one or more machines via NTP you'll want at least one of them to set their time from a reliable external server.