Updating firmware on panasonic sc bt100

24-Oct-2017 08:23

updating firmware on panasonic sc bt100-57

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My TV has enough HDMI inputs for the player, my Direc TV satellite box, and my Xbox 360.

From the Xbox and the Direc TV cable box, I have an optical Toslink cable plugged into a separate optical cable switcher I got for ~ at Monoprice, and this is wired directly into the receiver.

Cables are only -3, and the switcher is only as I said before.2. I have a mid-sized loft where everything is set up.Remote: A little frustrating that I can't get the supplied remote to work with my Samsung HDTV, but I was easily able to use my universal Direc TV remote with the system.My Direc TV remote now can control my TV, Direc TV box, and the Panasonic system.Picture: Again, the picture, on an HDTV of course, is incredible!

I don't have a 3D TV, so I can't comment on that aspect of this system, but the colors are sharp, blacks have good contrast, and images really pop out at you.So when I'm watching Direc TV, I don't need a ton of different remotes to control everything.