Speed dating leeds reviews

17-Nov-2017 05:01

The first event you went to back in 2012 had 14 ladies attend and you ticked 2 and had a match but you state above that only a handful of girls attended?

Could you be referring to an experience with another company?

The response I got from the company was that I should have used the opportunity to go out with friends as the weather was good.

This company has potential, but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I am sorry that you feel disappointed by your experiences with us.

The first event I attended, only a handful of girls actually turned, leaving me slightly somewhat disappointed.

The second event I attended had a decent turnout, and worked out to be a good night.

This is a really lovely venue but was very VERY warm inside to the point of feeling uncomfortable.

The venue was excellent (Circo, Bath) and the friendly hosts managed the event professionally and made sure everything ran smoothly.

It was fun chatting to so many ladies, and I even had a few matches which was I was pleased with. Good mix of new users and those who had gone through the process before.

Above all felt safe and location seems to have guaranteed a better quality of participants to choose from.

I am sure you can appreciated this was something out of our control, we didn’t want to cancel but there was no other option.

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We like to be honest with our daters and offered you a refund with an explanation, to which you replied and we processed the full refund within 5 minutes of your response.

The second event you went to was at Zebrano in May and you met 12 ladies and matched with number 4.