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First Park: DHS: Disneys Hollywood studios is a great park to do on an EMH DAY. Well it’s because there are only a few ‘major’ attractions. You need to hit Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower Of Terror and Toy Story Mania. IF you are at the Very Front of the rope drop line, do TSMM, else go to RNRC, TOT and ST and then head to TSMM and line up. Well MK is EMH so we can leave that for night, the key here is forward planing. However word showcase at EP is still closed till 11.It’s easy to navigate between them, and those rides are high throughput. In addition to this you also need to hit star tours. It’s important to note that whatever you pick you CAN finish all these 4 rides during 1 hour EMH, but the key is to not waste time. One of these parks needs to be your FP park, but which one?Sometimes you just want to do it all, yes I am of course talking about going to all 4 of the Disney theme parks in 1 day at Walt Disney World.Such an achievement is easily doable, but it is easily enjoyable?You need to aim to be out of HS before or JUST As its opening for regular guests, even better if you can be out before!! Let’s examine them closely, first we have AK with Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro safari and Dinosaur.Dinosaur isn’t overly crowded most days and Expedition Everest has a single rider line which opens when the wait gets longer than about 20 minutes. Let’s take a look at EP, you have Soarin which easily creeps up to 80 minutes to 2 hours and stays around there but we also have test track that while it can reach 40 or so minutes has a single rider line which can make your wait like, 10 or so minutes.

This gives you an amazing opportunity to knock off high profile rides at both parks without using any of your FP .

That means that you have about 3 hours to kill at a minimum, given that Epcot won’t close till 9 and you want to head over later.

So after you finish at AK, you head on over to EP, eat lunch, do some non FP rides and then throw yourself onto your FP selection.

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