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But you're not allowed to act surprised when pre-gaming until am on Beale leads to wearing glow sticks on your head and waking up on a strange couch.The music is so loud, the bar so impossibly crowded, and the Easter egg-hued polos so numerous, you'll be begging for an Irish car bomb (or three) if you find yourself at Celtic Crossing in Cooper Young on a Friday night.If you are under 18-YEARS-OLD, please leave our chat room and find some teen chat room website.Please enter a nickname in the box below (if available) and click the Chat Now button.Expert Tips for the Best Dating Profile Photos for Guys.

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The shots cost about the same as the warmish pitchers of beer, and you'll need plenty of each before belting out your own rendition of "Livin' on a Prayer.” If you make it to Printer's Alley you've already had an adventure because this place doesn't get going until the witching hour.You know what we mean, the kind that just drives you crazy, knowing that the journey is well worth the time taken to get there.