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The overnight arrival from Johannesburg, QR1368, was routed via Oman and Iran to avoid Saudi airspace.While as signatories to the 1945 International Air Services Transit Agreement, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE are obliged to allow overflights, the evidence from flight paths monitored by The world’s longest flight, from Doha to Auckland, became even longer with a lengthy diversion over Iran.Qatar Airways is the biggest shareholder in British Airways’ parent company, IAG, with one-fifth of the equity.

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At 3.34am local time, Emirates flight 848 departed from Doha to Dubai – the last link between these two Middle Eastern hubs until a furious diplomatic row ends.

On a normal day there are almost 20 flights each way between the Qatari airport and Dubai, making it the busiest route in the region.

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He is reported to have flown back on Monday on a private jet.