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The law has to specify human genitals, by the way, in order not to infringe on the semen extraction business among breeders of livestock and performance animals.

Otherwise, those stallions and bulls will be pretty damn upset when cold and unfriendly plastic tubes replace their warm, soft collection devices.

It also doesn't prevent citizens from bringing personal souvenirs in from across state lines.

That means Alabamans still have plenty of resources available to them for sex education and pleasure – like any New Yorker or Californian, they can visit good online retailers for a wealth of helpful articles and contact highly educated staff experts by e-mail or phone.

In that case, adult retailer Sherri Williams challenged the constitutionality of a state law banning the sale and distribution of any device intended for the purpose of stimulating the human genitals.

Considering that a pissed-off stallion can take a grizzly bear, I can see why lawmakers didn't put horsemen in that kind of position. We can roll our eyes at those weird Southern states and joke that you can marry your teenage sister but not buy a Fleshlight to tide you over until she gets older.

But in all the laughter, we risk missing the implications, such as: 1) Women are too fragile to be trusted in retail stores that sell products designed to promote sexual response and pleasure.

The law does not prohibit sales of erection drugs or condoms.

A man can buy Viagra and have safer sex, but a woman can't buy a dildo.

2) Parents are not to be trusted to keep their underage kids out of such stores.

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