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23-Jul-2017 18:07

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If you wanna try your luck on this unique type of dating site, you can start creating your profile now.

After our emails, we got a fantastic amount of responses back. Of those, we set up dates with 13 of them, and 11 actually showed up.

If you have a profile picture with good lighting that looks professional (even if it isn’t) and lets the girl look at your demeanor, you’re already ahead.

We discuss more about profile pictures in our guide to putting up a profile picture that will help you get girls interested.

I have a little free time at the end of next week if you want to try tasting some. Here’s an email with a hot younger girl named Lily that got her really excited to meet us.

Hi Lily, I couldn’t help but notice the look in your eyes in your profile picture.Established is an online dating site who aims bringing together elite men and the women who are willing to meet them.

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