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There were probably three or four things that the Incas did simultaneously.One, they worked very hard in diplomacy, negotiating relationships with neighbors or with people who were targets for incorporation into their expanding territory, and they tried to work out amicable relationships through gift exchanges, marital exchanges, or political alliances. Though precise dates for its beginnings remain elusive, the realm known to the Inca as Tahuantinsuyu, or "The Four Parts Together," arose sometime in the early 1400s.By 1532, when the Spaniard Pizarro executed the final Inca ruler, Atahualpa, the empire covered about 300,000 square miles. In this interview, Terence D'Altroy, a professor of anthropology at Columbia University, describes the innovative strategies that helped secure the Incas a domain almost as vast as the Roman Empire. That would take us from the area just at the border of Ecuador and Colombia down to about 50 miles south of modern Santiago, Chile.

Other people think that Pachacuti basically created things on his own. One of them is that there was so much local conflict that there were, at least in the highlands, no major societies that had the capacity to resist the Incas' advancement.

On the other hand, there was nothing remotely as large as the Inca Empire, and they innovated in a variety of ways.

For example, they moved around a large fraction of the population—somewhere in the range of three million people, maybe as many as five million.

They did this by resettling people in agriculturally productive areas or in areas that were military hotspots.

Or they broke groups up as a means of diffusing the potential for political insurrection.So we can think of the expansion of the empire as being largely a product of a couple of generations.

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