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The 75-year-old company is known far and wide for its premium professional camera equipment.But don’t worry, the True Zoom mod won’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars like other Hasselblad cameras.Despite its killer optics and 16-megapixel resolution, the phone wasn’t terribly popular since it was so big and bulky.Samsung released an updated version the following year called the Galaxy K Zoom, but the experiment ended there.Lastly, the True Zoom includes two years of premium Google Photos cloud storage for free, which means you get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and sync. Instead, it draws power from the phone since it’s not an always-on accessory like the projector Mod, it has a negligible impact on battery life.Last but certainly not least, you’ll never need to worry about keeping the True Zoom Mod charged while you travel. I’ve only spent a week with the Hasselblad True Zoom Mod but it’s already my favorite smartphone accessory.Shipment of the Hasselblad X1D-50C has been delayed for a couple of weeks, according to a listing on B&H Photo. And if they do, that they have more brains than to situate them someplace where earthquakes and natural disasters are a frequent occurrence.

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There was only so much camera tech that could be stuffed into a slim phone, though.Hasselblad's 100MP H6D has also missed its target ship date, though by a much greater margin: announced in April, it's currently listed as unavailable at B&H. I hope for all our sakes that pharmaceutical companies that produce life-saving medications don't have similar reliance on single production facilities.